Custom Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

“OH WHAT A NIGHT” Tour. Lets celebrate your “last night out” in style! Our most important point for bachelorette parties is to make sure the bride-to-be is the focus and that our Club Tour meets her wishes of what she is looking for in a last night out party.

Tour Nightclubs Concierge Specialists can create a custom Vegas Las vegas Bachelorette party to suit any theme for any budget including Dinner Night Out, Spa Package, (Stop at the Style Lounge where you can sip on a Vanitini while you experience a menu of trendy blow-out styles plus makeup, clip-in hair extensions, waxing, spray tan and nail services), photo ops @ the World Famous “Vegas Welcome” sign or maybe a Male Revue show. Your party can even hire a private photographer to follow your group on the Tour, this way no matter how much you party, the photos will be safely emailed to the assigned person.

Mix it up! – Just like everything else in life, a little of everything can make a memorable Las Vegas Bachelorette Party, which could include pampering, food, entertainment, and a few drinks usually hit the mark. Then party hard at (3) three of Vegas top nightclubs.

The Bride-to-Be will receive her own private Bachelorette banner to showoff in Vegas on the Tour.

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